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Hanaa Edwar

"We, as Iraqi women, representing more than 55 percent of the Iraqi population, want to make it clear that our demand of more guarantees for women in the constitution does not concern only women's rights, it concerns the adherence to the rule of law and the creation of a true democracy in which all people's voices are represented, it concerns the preservation of Iraqi unity."

Hanaa Edwar

Biography of Hanaa Edwar, Founder and Secretary-General, Iraqi Al-Amal Association, Iraq

Hanaa Edwar is the General Secretary of the Iraqi Al-Amal Association (IAA)-a non-governmental organization, established in 1992, dedicated to improving the socioeconomic conditions of the Iraqi people. She is a founder of the Iraqi Women’s Network and serves on its Coordination Committee and is also a member of the High Preparatory Committee for National Congress of Iraq and the Presidential Committee of “The Iraqi Council for Peace & Solidarity.”

Ms. Edwar participated in and led two successful campaigns in Iraq: the first demanding a repealing of order 137, aimed at nullifying the Family Law, issued by the Iraqi Governing Council and the second working to ensure a quota for women in decision-making positions. She has worked to organize several workshops for capacity building for Iraqi civil society groups, including the workshop on Women’s Political Electoral Participation in Iraq. Ms. Edwar has been working for many years on issues of violence against women. She was one of the founders of Arab Women’s Court in Beirut in 1996, with the aim of combating violence against women. In 2002, she founded “Beit Khanzad”, a shelter in Erbil for women victims of violence.

Ms. Edwar currently serves on the board of “ASUDA”, an NGO based in Sulaimaniya City Iraq that acts against violence against women. She was a member of the Secretariat of the Iraqi Woman’s League (IWL), the oldest Iraqi women’s organization, founded in 1952. She is also a member of the Advisory Committee for Woman’s Affairs in Iraq. Ms. Edwar has participated in many international conferences and gatherings such as International Women’s Conference in Mexico 1975, International Women’s Forums Copenhagen 1980 and Nairobi 1985 and the World Conference Against Racism in Durban 2001.


Hanaa Edwar
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Iraqi Al-Amal Association

Recommendations to the Security Council for Women in Iraq
Presented by: Basma Fakri, President, Women’s Alliance for a Democratic Iraq on behalf of Hanaa Edwar, Founder and Secretary-General, Iraqi Al-Amal Association
October 2005